what's up?

fun land?

so the beginning of the holidays. so the beginning of my annual crap attitude. don't know why. just don't care about the holidays anymore. just want to hide until they are over.

but i do like the time off. i have so many deadlines at work right now. thought about logging on and getting some of it out of the way, but decided not my fault they are letting all that work pile up; i was going to have a long weekend too. i'll be stressed out on monday, but oh well.

anyway, i've spent a couple of days watching game of thrones again. relatives are visiting, and they've put up the tree and wrapped the zillion lights on the branches. they're all helping my mother-in-law throw up christmas all over the house. i don't even want to go shopping.


nice truck. don't think i've seen it before. i really just liked how it looked from here.

still trying to figure out why, or is it how, that business could be called childrens dental fun land. some of those words just don't jive together. or if i let my imagination run...for starters, i envision slides and bounce houses with dentists chasing kids with pointy instruments; maybe closer to a stephen king novel, with dentists instead of clowns...