what's up?

shaggin’ wagon

getting ready to head over to the latin gents' monthly show. going to shoot some sunset pics for a change. then maybe dinner at disneyland. by myself. single-rider pass on a ride or two maybe. better half staying home playing with a camera, and then going to the market, supposedly.

hoping to get up early and drive out to pomona in the morning. doesn't look like rain at all. probably next week, when mooneyes happens.


saw this wagon up at the end of the street at the old memories ela veteran's day show. was still getting shined up the first time i wandered past. fortunately, i went up and down the street a few times.

pretty car. not quite positive about the year. that's typical. sometimes, people actually send an email and let me know. sometimes, i won't even guess. 

green with touches of red—that's about as xmasy as i'm going to get. i think i'll print it out and hang it with others on my cube walls at work.