what's up?

nighty night

got out of my house late in the day. forgot how early the sun sets now. by the time i got to the latin gents show, sun was fully down and the lot lights were on. 

gotta deal with long exposures, weird shadows thrown across the cars, and people wandering through the shots. true, there weren't so many cars by this time, so fewer people, but there were a few kids chasing each other. cause to mess up a few shots, as well as worry about knocking the camera over.

anyway, most people stayed out of my way, so thank you. 

i haven't been shooting much at night since i bought the new cameras. don't really think they work as nice as my old cameras. too late now, one is retired, and the other gifted to my sister-in-law. she's a big nascar fan, so works well enough for her.

this was the first shot of the night. beautiful car. picture is a little darker and noisier than i would like, but it's ok.