what's up?

fire water

1940 buick century convertible

saw this back at dino's bomb squad's blessings of the bombs at lincoln park. was the first time i made it out there, and wasn't disappointed. someone said they usually had way more cars, but there were enough for me that day.

the cars parked in the grass here kept moving around, for better positions or for shade, i'm not sure why. maybe just to park with their clubs or friends—basically the same, right?

so, this is it. i just killed off my old website for good, and am now firmly committed to this version. i'm hoping you like how it functions. i still want to kick a few things at it, to make it do stuff it doesn't want to do. it probably won't. i'm not a coder or a tech head.

at least most of what i wanted moved over here without a problem. just need to touch up some of the older posts.

congrats to my nephew and his wife—first kid born last night—welcome annabelle elizabeth, yet another friday the thirteenth baby in the family.

anyone else use listerine? i prefer scope, but had bought some listerine to have at my mom's house. remembered my dad always had a bottle of the original piss yellow stuff in the bathroom when i was a kid.

i got a bottle of the minty green stuff, hoping it would taste better than the original.

the first two seconds of swishing got me that mint i was looking for, but then the original bottled fire flavor i remembered came up behind the mint and had to spit it out quicker than quick. and follow that up with mouthfuls of water.

i am happy to imagine the microscopic germs getting hit with that liquid napalm and the tiny communal screams of a billion microbes being snuffed out in that first two seconds.