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wishin’ i had enough cash

1948 chevy fleetline

1948 chevy fleetline

got up early for a sunday, and drove out to pomona. happily, i have tomorrow off for the mlk holiday. i haven't yet taken a nap, and my head is starting to reel.

we arrived just around five a.m., and got a fairly close parking spot. was about forty degrees this morning, but we had a couple of layers of jackets and coats, that we would later take back to the car, when the temps hit the sixties.

the sun was still down, and the cars were few when we got over to the show area. bridgetown oldies showed up right on time, and got their usual spots by the bleachers. i went from here to there, in no particular order, depending on the lighting, angle, people and traffic behind the cars.

saw this lovely over by the fencing, when i went to the other side of the fence to shoot that car in the background. came back around after, when the light was hitting it nicely, to take a few shots. i liked this one best. 

the car is for sale, btw. if only i had the money...

better half had things to do, so we had to head out by eleven. weather was perfect, or i would have stayed longer. maybe next month.