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1937 chevy

1937 chevy

better half was with me yesterday morning at pomona. i asked him what settings he was using before the sun came up. been a while since i've shot in the dark, so i forget what i've done before.

he said change the aperture, watch the histogram, adjust the exposure so it's less than thirty seconds. do fewer shots. i listened. then did my own thing anyway. it aggravates him to no end sometimes, but i do ok anyway.

black car under a dark sky. this one was off on it's own, and the owners were already off shopping in the swapmeet area, i'm guessing. it was cold. not so many cars were driving into the show area this early, so i could stay with my longer exposures. i took my chances with whatever or whoever might walk through the shots, but they would just be blurs.

i did tweak my settings a little bit, but not as much as i could have. i still got something usable out of it, i think.