what's up?


1954 cadillac

nice cadillac from last sunday. actually saw several, but only one in a deep, dark color.


awakened at two a.m. by a rhythmic creaking of floorboards in the apartment upstairs. thinking there might be a ghost, judging by the dramatic moaning, hoped the guy up there wasn't scared. after some giggling like twelve year olds, wondering what might be going on, better half went back to sleep.

i have a hard time going back to sleep once i'm awake. must go back to when i had little kids and a husband that worked the night shift.

of course, the alarm went off at four-twenty, just as i was getting sleepy again.

started the day with a walk before work. mostly dark, just a hint of distant color. it's mostly near apartments, so not too worried. lots of dog walkers out at that time too.

coming back to the building, as i climbed the front steps, with the sun just coming up, a car pulls up to the curb. i felt like don barzini on the stairs of the courthouse, but it was just the guy dropping off the morning newspapers. 

later, i was going to be good and drink a glass of water. i like it on ice in a wine glass. i washed the glass, then as i fill it with ice from the thing in the refrigerator door, the 'ding ding ding' of falling ice is interrupted by a 'tink.' yup, a nice pointy shard of glass is on the floor, and my drink is forgotten. i briefly thought about just drinking from the other side of the glass, but then the other half of my brain yelled "that would be stupid."

so i was drinkless until lunch. whereupon, i attempted to get a coke. one dispenser had no syrup, the other was flat. fek it. lunch sucked after that, i mean really. the food sucked. 

missed the shuttle back to the office, but another walk on a nice day wasn't bad.  

should have stayed in bed. just one of those days when you feel like you're busy but getting nothing done, nothing worth my time. thinking maybe i need a change.  

top it off with a two and a half hour drive home and better half working late.  

so i'm uptown, in the window of a restaurant, typing this and listening for an old car or harley or something interesting to drive by. nothing this evening; i guess i'll head home.