what's up?

o xmas tree

1939 chevy master deluxe

i'm trying to ignore all the activity going on behind me. relatives in town are helping my mother-in-law put up the tree and decorations.

there is a mini skating rink with little figures spinning around on the "ice" and the music loop playing keeps making me think the ice cream man is driving outside the window in circles, instead of his twice an evening pass-by. i'm wearing headphones, but i can still hear it faintly. 

anyway, the lens flares through these trees are a more appealing sight for my xmas celebration. and i could really get in the xmas spirit if there was a car like this waiting under the tree for me. it's just stunning. 

my better half seems really interested in this kind of car, and he's mentioned a few he's seen for sale at shows. he can dream, right? no where to put one even if he could buy one, and i doubt they fit in newer garages anyway.


thinking i'll go to the old memories show tomorrow at bruce's. went there once before, but since it's the toy drive, maybe there will be more to see this time.

next saturday, the whittier xmas parade marches irritatingly close, down the main street here. usually seems to be several old cars participating and lining up nearby, so thinking as long as they and all the school marching bands are going to wake me up, i might as well go out and take some pictures.

then there are a couple of shows to choose from in the afternoon. i wanna say there is somewhere we have to go in the evening, but i'm not finding it on my calendar. stupid iphone. maybe it's on sunday evening.

and i'm kind of craving ice cream now.

1939 chevy detail

written in the sky

1948 chevrolet fleetline

so on the next-to-last day of wearing the bionic leg, we went to three car shows. my better half just got himself a new camera, and since i mentioned there was a viejitos show, he was all about taking it out for test drive. their show is usually packed with tasty treats like this one. while, there wasn't as many as is typical, he seemed happy enough with what was there.

so i'm pretty sure i've seen this one at the latin gents show a few months earlier. you tell me, but i think this is the back end of it. i was blown away then, and am still in love with it now.

i had some difficulty getting the low shots of the cars with the boot on, but i managed a few. my other leg was sore the next day from all the squats.

there was a skywriter scribbling across the sky, but either it was too bright for my eyes, or it was so small and blurry, i have no idea what it said, but there it is curving down into the roof of the car.


so, i got the ok to take off the boot yesterday, and today did physical therapy. i'm not sure if it just hurts because it's not fixed, or if the therapy is just aggravating it and/or helping it heal as intended. whatever, i'll carry the thing in my car for a while, just in case. but no more shots, please. they suck.

going to riverside this weekend for the show-n-go. sounds like my better half has to work on some deadline at the office, so that kinda really sucks donkey balls.

oooooooohhhhhhhh yeah

1933 chevy

looking back through some favs. forgot about this one. from the viejitos show in fullerton. not sure i remember correctly, but it might belong to raynbow; if not, definitely one of the other viejitos. what wonderful cars they have, and what wonderful cars show up at their show. looking forward to their show next week. assuming they're collecting toys for xmas. was so crowded last year.

never happy this time of year, heading into the holidays. doing the usual ping pong between family and family. better half staying here with his mom; his sister's family coming down from northern california. i'm going to my bro's for thanksgiving. driving my parents there. don't trust my dad driving. drives his nissan like its a porsche. going to have to pry his keys out of his hands sometime. truth is, he admitted he doesn't like driving at night so much, so he isn't fighting me driving too much. just can't wait to sit in traffic. not.


1951 chevy truck

i've posted this truck before. it really is extraordinary. paint, pinstripes, and engraving. really interesting airbrusing.

this was last month at the viejitos show. then i ran into it again earlier this month at the latin gents show. second time i've spoken to the owner, though i doubt he remembered the first time out at santa ana the previous year.

anyway, at the gents show, he asked if i could take a picture of his truck, specifically from the side and above. best i could do was get up on a curb. he and his buds were sitting in chairs in the sweet spot for taking the shot from, due to the location and sun angle.

i've said before, that i shoot them as i see them, and i didn't feel like getting a bunch of guys to move out of the way, even after they asked for the shot. if they can't think of it themselves, i'm not going to bother to tell them. they did move a little bit out of the way, but i still wasn't going to be able to get the shot they asked for.

should trust the photographer's eye, and even then, they don't always get the perfect shot. because he asked to see other shots, i'm posting a few here. i've got a few more, but not liking them enough to post, which i could say about most any of the cars i shoot.

brown pride

1960 chevy impala

proud ye may be, but damn, i just love impalas. this is a sixty. nice, but i like the fins on a fifty-nine better, but this car is still pretty fine.

just another awesome car that packed the viejito's halloween show. the dj was playing better music this time, there was also a fairly decent live rapper guy who performed several songs. kids dressed in costumes. lots of cars.

raynbow was right...i used to show up at the beginning of the show, and was starting to lose interest, as there wasn't much there. he said i should come back later, when people are out after church, there'll be more to see. i've done that the last couple of times, and he is absolutely right. way more cars, way happier me.

how much is too much?

custom airbrushing

i gotta think there is a point when one should stop. think michael jackson and his face nipping hobby, until his nose was practically falling off without the tape on it. what's the point of tweaking your face, if you're always covering it up with a mask?

i think there was a time, that this car would have been just fine. new upholstery, more than enough decorative vents on the hood, along with a chromed grille and wheels. that would have been nice and clean.

but it seems like a crazed pinstriper got set loose on this puppy, and went mask crazy with his mad airbrush skillz. and the glitter bomb. so much stuff globbed on, that there seems to be bubbles and creases on the paint. what causes that? a build up? almost like the decals we'd put on model airplanes as kids, and didn't squeeze the air out from underneath. you can kind of overlook it because the darker patterns distract the eyes, but still...wait a minute. is it just one of those car wraps, poorly applied, with some mad photoshop skillz killin it? that would be cheating, now wouldn't it?

could be worse. could be a honda with a big whale tail, all lowered in the front and all pimped out, windows tinted black. and an engine that sounds like the squirrels are going full tilt on the wheel that doubles as an engine. and big ass speakers in the trunk and sub woofers in the doors, rendering the passengers sterile with the sonic boom of the crap rap playing inside...oh, sorry. thinking of a car i passed on the street not so long ago. pfft.


on another note, my better half finally got a call on wednesday, with the opportunity to get into LAX and shoot pictures of the shuttle, up close and personal, before they moved it out. ya, we know a guy...

any other day, he'd have been there, no question. but it was our fifth anniversary, and told the guy, on this day, he just couldn't. of course he didn't mention it, until it was too late to go. i would have told him to go ahead, or else take me with him. errr. figures he'll see it at the museum eventually, and we'd seen the one out at dulles before. guess he has his priorities straight. i think i'll keep him. happy anniversary d.


1954 chevy wagon thing

i was going to upload a different picture, and then noticed this one. wonder what i was doing the day i intended to post it, then completely forgot about it. huh.

whatever. this one was at the viejitos show in fullerton. lot wasn't too crowded that day. my better half chatted up the club and took a group picture, that he is a couple months behind in posting for them <hint hint d>. he said that the restaurant was thinking of cancelling their shows due to lack of participation. that would be a shame now, wouldn't it?


1949 chevy 3100

this seems to be the kodak moment spot in this lot. if you're in this club. here's your car, there's your banner. don't remember seeing this one here last time.

you know, when you go to a lot of shows, you start remembering the cars, which ones you've seen, which ones you've shot and where, and would this be a better picture than the last one... i walk past many very nice cars, even with the hoods down, if i don't think it would make a better shot than the last one i took of it. or if it's very similar to one i've already taken.

i really should start finding the owners of cars, and get them to pose in the reflections of their cars, much like my nephew there on the door.