what's up?


1940 chevrolet fleetline

so i stayed home today because of my cough. been trying to do some real work, but the program that connects me to the company servers isn't seeing the servers. and the help(less) line to india couldn't figure it out either. so i've been sitting here all day doing what work i could via email, and expecting any time i had to step away from the computer, "bob" would call me to try and walk me through it again.

i'm sure they'll call me tomorrow, when i'm actually in the office, and it will be a moot point. doubt i'll try to work from home ever again. just isn't worth the aggravation.

so i've been putting final tweaks on this one in between monitoring emails. it is a beautiful car, but i really liked it best in this shot, though from the front the sunset was just beginning, and that is also pretty spectacular.