what's up?

a bit of perspective

there is a crazy woman in the house on the corner. luxuriating in outbursts turrets-like, showering profanities on those lucky enough to be in earshot. one woman, who happened by with a couple of chihuahuas too close to her yard, was cursed and her little beasties called an assortment of names not to be here repeated.

i was almost afraid she was going to bound out of her house with either a loaded gun or a large kitchen knife at any moment, to keep the imaginary people off her lawn, and from staring at the spectacle that was herself. fruit loop. or maybe a harpie. haven't decided.

anyway, the solitos co-hosted the show with the church. they parked a number of their cars up and down the street in front of the church, so that's where i was too. 

starting with this one, because i liked the angle and the perspective looking down the street. also that it pissed off the old hag something fierce.