what's up?


1939 chevy master deluxe

i thought i broke my foot. been hurting for over a month, but for some reason really hurt this past weekend. kind of ruined plans of walking all over san francisco. my better half pretty much wouldn't let me hobble very far. we got down market, over to the ferry building, and to the bow and arrow thing. went to see that oz movie at the mall. but other than that, he pretty much kept me off my feet. imagine what you will.

anyway, i went to the doctor yesterday and had it x-rayed. got a call today, and was told, not broken, but perhaps an old injury had been aggravated. well. i don't remember hurting it before, so why is there a bone chip floating around, and one of the bones a bit out of place? so i'm supposed to soak my foot four times a day—won't my coworkers be so jealous that i'm soaking in it while i work. if only it was palmolive.

i guess i'll be taking it easy for a few weeks. i'm sure he won't let me go lifting my camera bag. and he'll be making me chug milk, so he won't have to do the i told you so about broken bones when i'm older.

anyone going to the show at chicano park? is it worth going? i've seen pics, so i would have to say yes. we're thinking of going next month. hope to see you there.


here's one of the other shots i took at the midnight oldies show that i stopped at briefly a couple of weeks ago. it's nice from the other angle/other side, but i really like the clouds, so get over it.