what's up?

show me the way

i've been incredibly busy this week at work. so much so, when i get home, i just have no energy to think much about playing with my pictures.

in fact, a couple of days, i drove home, booted up the computer, and continued to do work remotely. even spent last saturday doing work work instead of fun work, just to try and get somewhat ahead of the backlog at the office.

did no good, as i had to reswizzle what i did to work in some edits the following monday. oh well. such is the life of a graphic designer, right?

i had tweaked this picture over a couple of days, while waiting for the work i was doing to process. had it finished last night, but was too tired to post. back at an xmas show in santa ana. was threatening to rain, and the clouds overhead were just reflecting the heck out of some of the paint jobs.

i like this picture of a car show. the packed in cars waiting to be admired. the cars i passed by because the hoods were open, still caught because of the angle. they must have been doing the raffle, since there are so few people milling around in this shot.

anyway, got dead presidents day weekend to look forward to, with monday off. getting my taxes done too. i so hate making that annual trip to the preparer.

then, my son has decided to go ahead and set a date for his wedding. don't know why they can't wait until they've graduated from college and gotten some decent jobs. isn't that what all parents always ask? why can't they just stay small? why do they have to go and grow up?

he wants me to take engagement photos. told him i'll try now, then he still has time to get a professional to do them. i'm just more comfortable in front of a car then the happy couple.

have a happy whatever

to each his own.

been too busy to think much about it. getting overworked and burning out.

had an opportunity to do a long weekend trip to san francisco, and unexpectedly, also yosemite, but backed out because i'd been sick, and just didn't feel i had enough energy to enjoy it. ended up dog sitting instead. yes, the beast thing. oh, and i'm stuck with feeding over a dozen tarantulas, two gecko things, a disgusting millipede, two cornsnakes, a beta fish, and some kind of carnivorous frog with teeth—my daughter's strange zoo, while she's traveling for the holidays. all creepy and mesmerizing at the same time. hoping she gets home sooner, rather than later.

got arm twisted into attending the annual holiday lunch and gift exchange at work. i've managed to miss the last few, as i go on auto-pilot and head to lunch...they schedule the thing to start while i'm out usually. not this year. secretary wrangled me earlier in the week, asking if i was going to be there.

so i brought a gift for the exchange. something with my sense of humor. consider it a gag gift. but something i would have bought for myself.

so we were treated to a fairly good meal, but the host was big into singing christmas carols. so they'd have everyone singing songs every once in a while. i just don't sing. at least in front of anyone. didn't in elementary school, ain't going to start now. 

one coworker offered up cash to hear me sing. no thanks. i just can't do it. won't do it.

after a food and a nice speech, the gift game got underway.

among all the obvious bagged bottles of booze, the thing i brought was the first gift chosen by the first person up to bat. is it that she wanted something more festive? or did she really dislike it? i dunno. she just seemed so disappointed.

then another seven or eight people, being ever so polite, passed on stealing anything from anyone, and pick gifts from the pile.

so my turn comes, and i take back my gift, telling her to go find something she'll like better. and she did. then someone stole that gift from her and she had to go steal another from someone else.

got better from there on out, as everyone started stealing gifts from each other. no one was ever gonna take mine from me, and i was fine with that.

but you know what? after it was all done and back at our desks, most every single person stopped by my desk to see the thing. even had an offer to trade for it.

that's ok. i wanted it anyway.


been sick with a cold, so i haven't really been out and about much. this impala was from the old memories toy drive over at bruce's. not overtly christmasy, but there's a big bow on the back, so that will do for me.

see you all around some time. looking forward to some good shows in the coming year.

quick stop

1954 chevy bel air

i've been working so many hours this past week, that i hadn't even been home until last night. stayed at my parent's house, which is closer to the office, but the mattresses there are so fred flintstone. and to top it off, i ran out of the spare clothes i keep in a closet, and almost had to wear my mom's clothes to work. not ready to give in to that yet, so ended up wearing pants i'd worn on tuesday and a clean shirt that happened to be there.

had to go in to the office today to meet some deadlines before i head to san fran for some business meetings later next week. i'd been told about this show off imperial and valley view, but it wasn't supposed to start until 10am. i headed out later to the office than i'd hoped, but earlier than start time for the show, hoping some cars would be there at least. mostly just stalling on going to work, i really didn't want to, but things have to get done. at least i didn't have to be there at any particular time.

there were a couple of clubs there, midnight oldies and the solitos. this one belongs to the solitos. you can see the guys' reflections on the side, as they had their tent right next to it. oh well.

but i had to shoot it from this angle...just look at the clouds. and hey, earlier equals no people walking into my shot. so yay.

hey to the guy who said he had gotten up before six in the morning to clean his car and put it back together. get some sleep.

so, i finished the things i needed to do at the office, and won't have to work tomorrow...any good shows going on ?

no fear of flying

1937 cadillac

here's another car from the fremont elementary school show. back on the playground and in the grass, i think i kinda like it being on a different surface for a change. i do wish there wasn't a car next to it, particularly one with the hood open. but i do like the reflection of the car you don't see in the fender, if you can just ignore that pesky photographer there as well.

that's the owner there, with the thick gold chain. seemed like a nice guy. his wife is sitting in the car, but she kept her head down the whole time. maybe she was reading a book. nice of her to go to the show with her man anyway.

and don't forget my favorite...a hood ornament. this one is called a flying lady.