what's up?

quick stop

1954 chevy bel air

i've been working so many hours this past week, that i hadn't even been home until last night. stayed at my parent's house, which is closer to the office, but the mattresses there are so fred flintstone. and to top it off, i ran out of the spare clothes i keep in a closet, and almost had to wear my mom's clothes to work. not ready to give in to that yet, so ended up wearing pants i'd worn on tuesday and a clean shirt that happened to be there.

had to go in to the office today to meet some deadlines before i head to san fran for some business meetings later next week. i'd been told about this show off imperial and valley view, but it wasn't supposed to start until 10am. i headed out later to the office than i'd hoped, but earlier than start time for the show, hoping some cars would be there at least. mostly just stalling on going to work, i really didn't want to, but things have to get done. at least i didn't have to be there at any particular time.

there were a couple of clubs there, midnight oldies and the solitos. this one belongs to the solitos. you can see the guys' reflections on the side, as they had their tent right next to it. oh well.

but i had to shoot it from this angle...just look at the clouds. and hey, earlier equals no people walking into my shot. so yay.

hey to the guy who said he had gotten up before six in the morning to clean his car and put it back together. get some sleep.

so, i finished the things i needed to do at the office, and won't have to work tomorrow...any good shows going on ?