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1950 lincoln zephyr

1950 lincoln zephyr

front sight 2-46.jpg

was slowly easing my way around cars at the front sight show a few weeks ago. run into tudy, who asks if i’d shot his friend’s zephyr yet, as they are about to head out to another show.

nope, i was starting at the back of the show and working to the front, which happens to be where that car is parked. so i finished the car i was focused on and headed on over.

sure it is a beautiful car. beautiful cars attract people, which were surrounding it like metal to a magnet. i guess it could be a chick magnet, but i’ll just be crude and also call it a dick magnet, there were so many guys admiring it.

the owner was following behind me slowly, so i set up to shoot a few of whatever i could get before he got there to drive away.

the other shots are ok, cliche even. i sort of just like the front here for now. that’s the owner, there, just about ready to get in and disappear.

dad's home

1948 lincoln continental

1948 lincoln continental

picked up dad’s ashes yesterday. he’s on a bookshelf now. his dad’s ashes are nearby on another piece of furniture, but giving him the space alone for a bit.

this whole process has had the feeling of a wedding. all the excitement and preparation just before the event, then the thing happens, emotions all raw and out there. then the honeymoon….

now the ashes are here, that’s over. now just get on with things. oh well. had no ceremony, and didn’t want a military fuss. so we have an unfolded flag, and no instructions or thoughts on where we should put him. same reason we have his dad on a shelf. suppose we should get some boy scout to fold the flag or look it up on the internet.

told my mom, we should just fly the thing. wasn’t his personally, and it’s just going to sit in the shipping box otherwise. she’s thinking about it.

anyway, been staying with her five to six days of the week. probably for the foreseeable future. just back in whittier, so my better half can have a sanity break and get out of the house.

rained yesterday, more rain this next week, but not tomorrow. hoping to go to pomona tomorrow. i expect it will be cold. i expect i’ll hate the new tripod head some more. i expect i’ll take a lot of pictures, and not have time to do much with them for a while.

back end of an old lincoln from last year. a veteran’s show out at rose hills cemetery. i’ve only ever hung out near the entrance, near better half’s uncle’s grave. never noticed the weird looking building that looks like a sculpture at the udvar-hazy in dc—all space inspired—further up the hill.

old is a bitch

1968 lincoln continental

my dad. my dad. he’s eighty-four or -five...can’t remember exactly just now. 

he seems to have given up on living, and just wants to sleep all day, hardly eats. apparently vision is not so good and sense of taste is off. no energy. mom finally says he doesn’t drive anymore, so there’s that.

he doesn’t want a hobby or exercise, and doesn’t watch tv or turn on his computer anymore. they gave him antidepressants, but he doesn’t want to take them. talks about himself in past tense.

could be his diabetes, or, i’m arguing he had a stroke or two, but no one completely agrees. he could also be a touch demented now, or it could also be meds or again, a stroke. 

i think he’s going to another doc on monday. 

it’s hell to watch him deteriorate so fast. and i’ll worry about whether i’ll see him again when i go on my trip. wouldn’t be anything i could do anyway. 

bro says there is still one gun hidden somewhere in the house. really hoping he doesn’t choose to use it. maybe he forgot about it.

dread when the phone rings late at night.  

anyone have any ideas or suggestions? 


meanwhile, this lincoln helps to distract from aforementioned thoughts.  

from bomb club car show at santa anita two years ago.  

slightly different than the typical black or white usually seen, with that "dash" of color. sort of like when my mom used to tell me to put on lipstick for a pop of color as i headed out the door. me and makeup don't get along, though i can manage lipstick when the mood strikes me. 


planning on hitting up a show early tomorrow. better half bought two new memory cards for the cameras that he wants me to "test out." if he insists... 

led zephagain

1937 lincoln zephyr

1937 lincoln zephyr

santa anita 1-0130And9morehdr.jpg

interesting zephyr from the bomb club show last week.

i don't see very many of them, or maybe i don't recognize most of them, but they are relatively similar to a chevy of the same year.

also liked how he parked in a little "picturesque" spot, next to the alien looking plants.

sunday. another day waiting to see if i have to be here to watch my mother in law. better half's coworkers have not let on to what's going on with the scheduled photoshoot he was supposed to be doing.

my kid is currently moving out of my house, so, yay! wonder how long i can wait until the other one wants in. i'd like to redo the kitchen and maybe the flooring, but since they both have dogs, the flooring can wait.

i do look forward to the hottest days of the summer, and being able to escape to air conditioning. one of my main complaints about this here house in whittier—no air conditioning.

ding ding

lincoln continental

winkin' blinkin' lincoln. 

this car drove up and parked just as i was walking by. 

first glance, my thought was, well, that's a horse of a different color. usually see these only in black or white. 

next thought, was that the owner looked familiar, but i'd never seen this car before, to associate with that guy. from what i've read elsewhere, he's only had it out and about recently.

hadn't noticed when i shot the picture, on the car or on the teeny tiny camera screen, but on my computer screen, there's a great big dent on the side. maybe he should have kept it in the garage—would have been safer, but what fun is that.

maybe someone will let me know where the dent came from, assuming it's new, and that he didn't have it painted and polished that way.

chairman of the bored

1956 lincoln premiere

my better half may have found jesus; i found frank. like forrest said, you never know what you're going to get, especially when you go around to the back of a car. i'd never seen one of these cars, and was happily shooting it from the front. then this happy surprise when i went to the other end.

while frank never impressed me much, the airbrushing here wasn't bad, but it wasn't especially great either. for one, why is the color almost pretty good all over, then his mouth is full of gray teeth and gums? did he wear dentures, or did they forget to add a little pink to liven it up a little? no, wait, he was a smoker; that explains it. i know he was old, but ick. kinda creepy.

no, i don't want to dance with you. maybe my dad helped him out with the punctuation—he too, also likes to use exclamation points on everything he types. i know he'll read this eventually! sorry, but it's true! i love you dad!

anyway, this is it for a week. i'm all packed up, and the weather channel says it's going to be raining all week, as one would expect in seattle. bringing my cameras anyway, in case a patch of sun opens up for a few minutes here and there.

i'm sure my better half will keep himself busy and not notice the time passing until i get back, right d? he can hang out with his other old lady...who also is known to read this blog...thanks for putting up with me.

---side note---hey ernie from the latin gents, did you get my email last month? probably in your junk mail...that's where they always go.

1956 lincoln premiere

fire and smoke

1963 lincoln

just back from five days in 'frisco. must get some sleep, but i figured i'd post a picture while i downloaded the pictures i took while i was away. no car shows, so you'd probably have to check out my flickr site to see any of those.

here's a pair from the so cal tribe club. ya, i've posted them before, but i can if i want. hey ron and reine, always nice to see you guys and your cars.


1963 buick le sabre

why is it they say that women don't sweat...they glow? bullshit. i was definitely sweating the other night at ruby's. not that it was that hot, but more that it felt humid. probably should have just worn shorts and a tank top, and expose more skin. levis just don't "breathe" even if they are made of cotton.

i purposely waited until later in the evening to hit this show, hoping it would cool off enough to persuade me away from the fans at home. and so i could start taking some sunset shots, with summer officially coming to an end, and the sun going bye bye earlier and earlier.

there were many cars i walked by because of their location, or owners parked in chairs in front of them. running out of room on my hard drive makes me more picky i guess.

i came back to this one before i left, and probably should have just kept shooting while the sun went south. the hood was so reflective, and the colors changing in the sky just glowed off of it. this shot isn't picking up the rose colors that i saw later.

stormy weather

1947 lincoln continental

wishing for some really crappy weather, even more than this dismal overcast. storm clouds make pictures so much more cool, even if fewer cars come out from fear of raindrops on their shiny, shiny babies.

this was a big car. i've only seen a couple rumbling around. nothing else special about it, except that i'm yearning for some rain. and some sleep...just now.

is it a sign?

lincoln continental

i didn't sleep well last night, and had a hard time staying awake today. yet here i am posting, early for me anyway.

picked up my pictures from the fair today. only had one offer to buy one, and that turned out to be more of can you take a picture of my car inquiry. about what i expected. oh well, they look ok hanging on the wall here. left the honorable mention ribbon hanging on one of them for now. i'll pull it off before it gets too dusty, i suppose.

here's another lifestyle car. hiding in the shade on a hot day. unintentionally caught a religious symbol by the car. maybe it's a sign?