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1950 lincoln zephyr

1950 lincoln zephyr

front sight 2-46.jpg

was slowly easing my way around cars at the front sight show a few weeks ago. run into tudy, who asks if i’d shot his friend’s zephyr yet, as they are about to head out to another show.

nope, i was starting at the back of the show and working to the front, which happens to be where that car is parked. so i finished the car i was focused on and headed on over.

sure it is a beautiful car. beautiful cars attract people, which were surrounding it like metal to a magnet. i guess it could be a chick magnet, but i’ll just be crude and also call it a dick magnet, there were so many guys admiring it.

the owner was following behind me slowly, so i set up to shoot a few of whatever i could get before he got there to drive away.

the other shots are ok, cliche even. i sort of just like the front here for now. that’s the owner, there, just about ready to get in and disappear.

led zephagain

1937 lincoln zephyr

1937 lincoln zephyr

santa anita 1-0130And9morehdr.jpg

interesting zephyr from the bomb club show last week.

i don't see very many of them, or maybe i don't recognize most of them, but they are relatively similar to a chevy of the same year.

also liked how he parked in a little "picturesque" spot, next to the alien looking plants.

sunday. another day waiting to see if i have to be here to watch my mother in law. better half's coworkers have not let on to what's going on with the scheduled photoshoot he was supposed to be doing.

my kid is currently moving out of my house, so, yay! wonder how long i can wait until the other one wants in. i'd like to redo the kitchen and maybe the flooring, but since they both have dogs, the flooring can wait.

i do look forward to the hottest days of the summer, and being able to escape to air conditioning. one of my main complaints about this here house in whittier—no air conditioning.


1938 zephyr

quick post, cuz i'm just fried. couldn't sleep last night because it was so hot, and the fans too annoyingly loud to be of any affect. and the air blowing over my skin just tickled me and flicked my hair about often enough to keep me awake. sort of like a little kid pointing his tiny finger at you, and every so often jabbing you in the nose or ear or arm.

i'm sure i got at least a couple of hours of restless sleep, just not good sleep.

wasn't as tired as the guy whose car was sideways on the freeway in front of a semi this morning at five thirtyish. that it wasn't smashed was suprising. almost like the truck happened upon it in the pre-dawn, and was stopped to protect it from other motorists.

but sometimes, i feel like that could be me. just zoning out on autopilot going to work. i need to change my hours, but i just can't see how i can do it, and not hit traffic one way or the other and get back to whittier each day with any day left to do anything.

i'd move my computer to my mom's and stay there more often, if i wasn't so sure that my dad might accidently burn the house down in his increasing forgetfulness.

followed this zephyr into the reeking small baseball field at san fernando. it's like they know there's a show there every year, and the groundskeepers think it's a good idea to fertilize the day before. are they being funny, or do they have a schedule to stick to, to get the grass to grow in time for baseball season next year?

whatever, i stomped back there a couple of times, since as soon as the little group of cars parked, they started polishing and shining the chrome. gotta shoot in between buffs, or come back when they leave to have a look at other cars.

the owner said he had six or seven other zephyrs at home. must be nice to have your own team. i think i'd be too nervous to drive a car that low, that stretched, that nice.

well, off to bedski. g'night.