what's up?

old is a bitch

1968 lincoln continental

my dad. my dad. he’s eighty-four or -five...can’t remember exactly just now. 

he seems to have given up on living, and just wants to sleep all day, hardly eats. apparently vision is not so good and sense of taste is off. no energy. mom finally says he doesn’t drive anymore, so there’s that.

he doesn’t want a hobby or exercise, and doesn’t watch tv or turn on his computer anymore. they gave him antidepressants, but he doesn’t want to take them. talks about himself in past tense.

could be his diabetes, or, i’m arguing he had a stroke or two, but no one completely agrees. he could also be a touch demented now, or it could also be meds or again, a stroke. 

i think he’s going to another doc on monday. 

it’s hell to watch him deteriorate so fast. and i’ll worry about whether i’ll see him again when i go on my trip. wouldn’t be anything i could do anyway. 

bro says there is still one gun hidden somewhere in the house. really hoping he doesn’t choose to use it. maybe he forgot about it.

dread when the phone rings late at night.  

anyone have any ideas or suggestions? 


meanwhile, this lincoln helps to distract from aforementioned thoughts.  

from bomb club car show at santa anita two years ago.  

slightly different than the typical black or white usually seen, with that "dash" of color. sort of like when my mom used to tell me to put on lipstick for a pop of color as i headed out the door. me and makeup don't get along, though i can manage lipstick when the mood strikes me. 


planning on hitting up a show early tomorrow. better half bought two new memory cards for the cameras that he wants me to "test out." if he insists... 


1968 imperial

been a while since i shot this car. random car meetup in buellton. we happened to see the tiny 'car show' sign, for a gathering in a small park.

it's just been sitting here, waiting to be posted. i don't think i promised the owner to post it, hence the not bothering to post.

i like the chrome. i like the imperial emblem...the slightly art deco looking bird. hate the show entry card smack dab in the center of the windshield.


1968 chevrolet impala

i stopped by the broiler the other day. was a bit more lively than on recent visits, yet still pallid compared to last summer.

as always, i find more interesting cars hiding in the back for whatever reason. this impala was one of those. on first look, it was an eye catcher, with it's shiny paint, glitter and all. but on closer inspection, there are a few imperfections on the pinstriping/airbrushing, but maybe it was just because i was getting up close and personal with the thing. still, it's a pretty thing just the same.

continental succulence

1968 lincoln continental

also from the big boy's in orange, this juicy lincoln was in the bigger lot. not really sure if it was part of the show, or just a spectator's vehicle, i couldn't not take a shot of it [sorry about the double negative]. i do that a lot...take pictures of cars owned by people who have come to check out the other cars, but not to participate in the competition. if it's in a public place, it's good enough for me. some of them are quite nice.

very nice paint job, airbrushing and pinstriping, in your face, and yet somehow subdued. the owner was nearby with a group of guys. watched me closely, asked what i was doing and for whom. i handed out my card to all of them before they headed off to grab some food at one of the restaurants.