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1936 plymouth

1936 plymouth

currently sitting on my bed at my mom’s house. same bed i used to sleep in at my grandmother’s when i was ever so small. seemed much bigger then.

worked a little bit late today. grabbed some dinner and took it back to my condo, where i ate in silence, amongst my kid’s piles of junk. i’ve given her a deadline to move it out. she hasn’t said much to me since then.

thought about going for a walk, but i’m so very tired. so back here at mom’s, and she is off at church. sings in the choir. gives her something to do.

but the house is so quiet without my dad shuffling around, though i hear every creak. said hello to his box of ashes, which isn’t the same. one of these days i’ll have a good cry, but the slow tears work just as good.

today was back to gloomy, sprinkly weather. i like that just fine.

have to take some pictures tomorrow for work. i don’t have time for it, but will do it anyway. it’s payday, so i won’t stress about it too much.


thought this plymouth turned out ok. should have rubbed out those bullet hole stickers…they are so stupid…but i sort of didn’t care to take the minute to do that. this club has cars painted with the brightest colors of the rainbow; maybe it’s a requirement to join?

continental succulence

1968 lincoln continental

also from the big boy's in orange, this juicy lincoln was in the bigger lot. not really sure if it was part of the show, or just a spectator's vehicle, i couldn't not take a shot of it [sorry about the double negative]. i do that a lot...take pictures of cars owned by people who have come to check out the other cars, but not to participate in the competition. if it's in a public place, it's good enough for me. some of them are quite nice.

very nice paint job, airbrushing and pinstriping, in your face, and yet somehow subdued. the owner was nearby with a group of guys. watched me closely, asked what i was doing and for whom. i handed out my card to all of them before they headed off to grab some food at one of the restaurants.

century prime

1953 chevy bel air

i made my first visit to the monthly show over behind the honda center, at the bob's big boy in orange last sunday. didn't seem to be too much else going on elsewhere on sunday. i missed several shows on saturday that i have been meaning to get back to and always having something else on my calendar to keep me from them. ah well, maybe next month...

maybe i was a little early, even though i got there an hour after start time, but there didn't seem to be too many cars. there were a few in a small lot on one side of the building, then a few rows of scattered cars on the other side, though there were a few other rows taped off but empty, so i suppose more show up later or whatever.

i have a few shots that i will post at some point from this show. i'll start with this one, since the owner seemed to be very interested in what i was doing, especially after showing him my book of prints. he was hesitant at first to close the hood on his baby, but i guess i proved it might be interesting to let me have a go. he kept an eye on me, of course, but no worries, i didn't get near enough to damage the goods.

it was pretty clean, and had he not closed the hood, i would have been satisfied with my shots of the dashboard. i usually like the tail end on the older chevys but this model year doesn't really do it for me—almost too plain—so i passed on that.

the frame on the back plate proclaimed him to be a vietnam vet...so is my dad...so thanks to both of them for their service, belatedly.

so terrifical

57 ford fairlane

...and so much better than the movie of the same name, this '57 ford fairlane, guessing hardtop convertible, was at fatburger last week. i got there late, lots of cars, but not many that i wanted to shoot. some were on their way out when i got there, and they did not hear my cries to come back...ok, so the cries were in my head, but i imagine the signal going out like aquaman sent signals to all the sea life for help. guess i'm not aquaman.

i did run into another photographer, who i overheard talking to / making a sales pitch to a small group of guys. one of them mentioned his name as he was looking at the card the guy was handing out. got my attention, since its a name you don't hear often and my mother happens to know someone by this name who also trolls the car shows lately.

so, going so opposite of my shy self, i walked over and asked the guy his name. i guess since i look similar to my mom, the guy recognized me instantly. quite funny actually. anyway, he was very nice, and we chatted for a bit. he went off to take his pics and i wandered around before deciding what to shoot first.

i caught up with him again shooting a bright orange truck in the corner of the lot. good luck with the color on that one, orange that bright is a real PITA. i started shooting a nice ford woodie, and he had disappeared next time i looked around, so didn't have a chance to say good bye.

anyway, shout out to booker, hope you got some good shots! my mom says hi.

king of the world

1959 dodge custom royal

i'm sure the owner of this 1959 dodge custom royal didn't know what to think of me. the usual suspect: "do you work for a magazine?" in his eyes, yet he didn't ask. he did run over to the car and ask if i'd noticed the seats. they just looked like seats, did not appear to have been specially reupholstered or anything. he opened the passenger side door and ta-da: the seat swivels. i guess that could come in handy. he explained that for several years it was standard on these cars. if they still made them that way, perhaps a couple of sets of sheepskin seat covers would have lasted a lot longer for my passengers.

well, thanks for pointing that tidbit out, i wouldn't have known otherwise. really.

anyway, the distinctive front end and prerequisite back fins caught my eye. really an interesting car to let your eyes wander over. maybe i'll post the back end sometime – the fins are quite different form others i've seen, and you know how i feel about the fins... :)

three's a crowd?

three is a crowd

not bad. not bad at all. found these cars at fatburger's in orange yesterday. small show, i suppose because there are no raffles, trophies or other razzle dazzle. just locals enjoying each other's camaraderie and showing off their rides. at least its honest pride and ego strokes.

the owner of the '31(?) or '32 (?) ford hot rod stopped me twice, to particularly make sure that i checked out the backside—not his, the car—where i found this. the car was painted in fine glitter paint and was clean as can be. showed the guy my book and gave him my card, since he asked about my photography. so, i will assume he'll see his baby here...what do you think?

the 1941 chevrolet happened to be the same one i saw at garden grove main street show in april. the owner was sitting in the back seat of the car with the doors open. i had a small picture of the main street photo and asked if it was his car. at first he didn't think so, but i pointed out that someone must be driving around in a similar car, similar paint job, and same license plate. anyway, he said the car has been used for weddings, parties, and hollywood events. easy money, you've earned it with this baby. very nice.

never got a shot of the truck on its own, other than this bit here. thou art very plain, but i like your fuzzy dice.