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1959 dodge custom royal

i'm sure the owner of this 1959 dodge custom royal didn't know what to think of me. the usual suspect: "do you work for a magazine?" in his eyes, yet he didn't ask. he did run over to the car and ask if i'd noticed the seats. they just looked like seats, did not appear to have been specially reupholstered or anything. he opened the passenger side door and ta-da: the seat swivels. i guess that could come in handy. he explained that for several years it was standard on these cars. if they still made them that way, perhaps a couple of sets of sheepskin seat covers would have lasted a lot longer for my passengers.

well, thanks for pointing that tidbit out, i wouldn't have known otherwise. really.

anyway, the distinctive front end and prerequisite back fins caught my eye. really an interesting car to let your eyes wander over. maybe i'll post the back end sometime – the fins are quite different form others i've seen, and you know how i feel about the fins... :)