what's up?

obwandiyag by any other name...


here's an interesting picture to contemplate while i work on a car to post.

according to wikipedia and just about any other research material you might look at, obwandiyag was also known as pontiac, an ottawa indian chief known for a rebellion named after him. how this associated with a car company, i have no idea, but hey take the idea and run with it.

this hood ornament from a 1951 pontiac eight caught my eye, the way the sun was illuminating it. the strong, yet simple lines of the design, blend right into the hood of the car. the fissured interior of the face tells of an age gone by. i've heard these things light up at night, but have never actually seen it.

oh the car was in good shape. nothing fancy. not hopped up and spit shined. looks well used and cared for, as it should be.