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so terrifical

57 ford fairlane

...and so much better than the movie of the same name, this '57 ford fairlane, guessing hardtop convertible, was at fatburger last week. i got there late, lots of cars, but not many that i wanted to shoot. some were on their way out when i got there, and they did not hear my cries to come back...ok, so the cries were in my head, but i imagine the signal going out like aquaman sent signals to all the sea life for help. guess i'm not aquaman.

i did run into another photographer, who i overheard talking to / making a sales pitch to a small group of guys. one of them mentioned his name as he was looking at the card the guy was handing out. got my attention, since its a name you don't hear often and my mother happens to know someone by this name who also trolls the car shows lately.

so, going so opposite of my shy self, i walked over and asked the guy his name. i guess since i look similar to my mom, the guy recognized me instantly. quite funny actually. anyway, he was very nice, and we chatted for a bit. he went off to take his pics and i wandered around before deciding what to shoot first.

i caught up with him again shooting a bright orange truck in the corner of the lot. good luck with the color on that one, orange that bright is a real PITA. i started shooting a nice ford woodie, and he had disappeared next time i looked around, so didn't have a chance to say good bye.

anyway, shout out to booker, hope you got some good shots! my mom says hi.