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twilight deville

twilight deville

i don't think there is a bad angle to be had of this caddie. you'll find it several times on this blog, if you look for it. one of my favs, and one of my first cars i shot when i started doing this mess.

my better half just got home and peeked over my shoulder while i was working on this. he especially liked the reflection of the clouds and evening sky on the hood. so, in his style, i cranked it a bit more than i had intended originally. but it does bring out the sunset colors that are so striking, and i popped the damn ghost flames that have always just eluded my lens in all the other shots.

took this at the last show of the year 2010, at ruby's in whittier. the halloween show. oh dear me, i went straight from work, dressed as a leopard. perhaps i can't pull that costume off anymore, and it should stay locked away in the box in the garage. anyway, i can see my distorted reflection, as always, in the bumpers of the cars i shot that day, so there is some record of the last time i intend to wear it.

ruby's show should be starting up on the first friday in may...always a good turnout and variety. can't wait.