what's up?

speed racer's other car

1961 jaguar e-type

or would it be racer x's car? this car has such a huge hood relative to the rest of the car, i suppose the way a woman is described as having legs up to there.

the owner (who got cropped out of this picture, there on the right) thought i was taking pictures of the headlight at first, since i was so close to the car. he offered to take the show sticker off of it. nope, wide angle lens, but thanks for asking.

found this out at the canyon crest plaza show in riverside. happens on the 2nd sunday of each month. just started it's later summer start time. relatively decent turnout, and variety. i do have a couple of short stories regarding a couple of owners and their cars, but i'll tell them as i get around to posting pics of their steel babies. really never know what they'll say to you, or what you'll overhear. mmm hmmm.