what's up?

pale rider

1939 chevrolet special deluxe

so a quick post, then off to bedski. been traveling on business, and off on the second half tomorrow to florida. unfortunately, my better half has to stay home and hold down the fort, but has kindly offered to take me the airport at some ungodly hour. thanky boy.

this chevy pulled in to the back of the broiler on this particular evening, a few weeks ago now. owner got out and walked up to the front of the lot, i suppose to check out the other cars. all i know for sure is that i got this one shot in before too many people came over to peek at it, so i moved on to those others along the back fence.

by the time i came back for more, the car had gone–maybe he just moved up to the front; maybe aliens had beamed it up; maybe the crack in the time continuum closed back up–i don't know fer shure, since i left after that without taking another lap to the front of the lot myself. oh well.

see you all again soon.