what's up?

florida is way too warm for me

so i'm sitting here in the airport in orlando waiting waiting waiting to go home. spent a few days in business meetings at our office in south florida, then a visit to a vendor.

built in one day to hit an amusement park, so i went to universal islands of adventure. i highly recommend the harry potter ride that goes through the hogwarts castle, it is really cool. there are a few roller coasters that are pretty good if you're into those as well.

anyways, i didn't bring my camera for a change, and only saw a couple of cars that i made me wish that i had it with me. i suppose where there are more old folks, there are more possibilities of seeing old cars.

this flamey car has been out on my flicker page since last year, but seeing it again made me think of what it's like standing in lines at the park all day yesterday.

i think the first show at foothill starts monday, so i plan to check it out, if, of course, i don't have to work late.