what's up?


1954 chevrolet

between work (12 hours yesterday) and computer problems (internet connection and a backup drive that misbehaves and locks up my system), i am surprised i can post at all.

and i finally got out to a few car shows after not going for a few weeks. yippee. checked out foothill ranch briefly. not much going on for the first show. took a few shots, ignored the cars with their hoods up, watched a couple good ones get away.

tonight i stopped over at peris off alondra. first time i've been since it started up earlier this month. fairly good turnout, too many hoods up. did see a few of the guys that i met last year, and a couple of them that like to give me a hassle, but in a good way. you know who you are...thanks guys. lol.

then over to the broiler - haven't been there in several weeks. what the hell is with all the cop cars in the lot? had to have been at least one in the street and 3 or 4 in the lot - one in the back, a couple up front in the show spaces. something happen while i was gone? anyway, they seemed to have scared off the good cars. still a few there, but not much going on. didn't even take one picture there.

i've had a couple of inquiries by owners about pictures i might have of their cars. patience grasshoppa. to those that have asked, i'm slowly getting around to them. ordinarily, i pick a picture at my whim, whatever my mood happens to be, or if a picture strikes me somehow on any particular night i'm flipping through my files. so many to choose from, it gets difficult sometimes.

anyway, these chevys belong to the showlows car club, which includes this truck. they were along the back fence. hey ronnie, what do you think? i also have one of the mercury monterey and the impala – are they in your club too?

not sure what i liked more that evening—the cars or the sunset sky full of clouds.