what's up?

ludacrous speed

yay! friday! 6.25 years with my better half—happy anniversary d. went out to dinner, which he doesn't do so much since he started a diet. so that was nice. even better, he took me along.

watching spaceballs on netfilx. haven't watched that in a long time. a classic.

neighbor upstairs is a single guy. no carpeting. sounds like he is strutting around in heels again. it could happen. might be my imagination. previous residents always sounded like they were rolling bowling balls around and dropping them. this is why i prefer my own two-story place. shhhiiit. sounds like he's skipping now. lol lol lol.

looks like another slow weekend for car shows. might try one of the small local shows i haven't been to in a while. see if they're still running.

quick post. i really liked the paint job on this chevy. shine. pinstripes. glitter. airbrush. this time, all working well together.

that is all.