what's up?

baby, it's cold outside

1972 corvette

1972 corvette

twenty-sixth of may, cold, rainy, gray. i love it. memorial day weekend, and haven’t really ventured very far from the house, except for my search for avocados yesterday.

i don’t want to deal with holiday traffic, so typically don’t travel to anywhere. better half can’t hardly get out to the supermarket while tending to his mom, so i feel guilty when i just take off to do whatever.

my kid seems to hit up solvang for an overnight every memorial day. something about picnics at vineyards. not sure if he went this year or not, since it was supposed to rain. i only know that he didn’t ask me to watch his dog, and if they did go, it was going with them.

other kid supposed to hang out with my mom for a few hours, so i don’t feel under pressure to not leave her alone for all three days this weekend.

trying to talk her into going to vegas later this summer, but really she’d be on her own there for several hours a day, while i attend some classes.

i want to take a vacation, but don’t want to go alone. i mean it’s great to go off on your own, and sleep in or do whatever without taking into consideration of another person. but there’s that desire to share the experience with someone else, and pictures don’t do whatever justice when you get back.

i’m feeling the itch to go back to canada, climb the mountains, sit in the meadow and look down over one of the many turquoise blue lakes. wondering how many more trips i have in me.

corvette hood from last year’s old memories pancake breakfast in montebello. used to be one of my favorite kind of cars as a kid, nothing unique.

was an overcast day there as well, but the clouds had a little more definition than today.

pretty sure i was attracted by the reflection for this shot at the time.

uptown show

1964 chevy nova

went out at five-thirty am today, up the street to the car show. better half walked me uptown, and pulled my camera bag around for a while. sun was already coming up.

noticed a bunch of classic cars in the rite-aid parking lot. went to shoot them, but they soon started to move over to the main street—they were there to volunteer to help set the show up and direct move-in, in exchange for prime parking.

strangely, as compared to prior years, they weren't starting move in until eight-thirty. we're used to a zillion cars lined up down the street waiting. nope, not much there.

spent time shooting the cars that were there. then noticed cars showing up further down, and went off to get those.

really love to shoot at this time of day, prior to move-in. fewer people, cool, overcast, everyone happy with anticipation. i really took the majority of my pictures waiting for eight-thirty.

then the time came, and it went very slowly. not sure what was going on, but it seemed to take forever to get cars moving. i took the opportunity to get some bfast.

i'm starting off, not with my favorite, best pics, but with the cars of people who talked with me, or asked about what i'm doing with the pics, as usual.

this nova was owned by the first guy that really chatted us up, mainly my better half, of course.

he popped the hood to show us what was hiding there, in spite of me wearing my infamous hat. whatever. here's a shot of the engine. dare a cop to try to catch up with it.

hot hot hot

1963 chevrolet corvette

yup, it's been warm lately. it's july after all, but it's not as hot as it should be. i expect the fall will be stiflingly warm to make up for the mild summer here.

another from the show in the anaheim promenade. between the tall buildings, the sun did not hit too badly or completely. of the few pictures i took, only one car wasn't half shade/half sun...but it's not this one.

i have a residual kid lust for corvettes. i always wanted one, as i think many kids did. and as i mentioned before, when i had the chance to get one (albeit a late '80s model), i passed on it...didn't think i could afford the insurance and gas at the time.

but i like this one. i would have it. alas, i can only have it here, in my digital collection. i'll park it right here, at the top for now. ain't it pretty? come on prince, sing it...

PNS car


i'm feeling fiesty tonight...quick post and then to bedski...

this is a mid-life crisis in action. i'm thinking it belonged to the doctor guy in scrubs with too many gold chains around his neck. but that's just me making up a story. fun to imagine.

this cars says, "i gots too much money and i'm insecure and/or compensating" or "i gots too much money and i'm full of myself." or i could be nice and think, "i've worked hard and can afford it, so why not treat myself?" nahh, too few of those guys driving this type of car.

anyway, it wasn't really in the show, just outside of the designated area. to the effect of "look at me, look at me," it did make me stop and shoot it. but only because i've never seen one before and it got me thinking wtf?

i think its a new-fangled corvette, though there is absolutely no insignia on it, except for the checkered flags on the center of the wheels. maybe its just a fiberglass body on an old vw bug chassis, a kit car...lol.

hey doc, if it is yours, i don't mean nuthin about you in particular, just what goes through a girl's head when you see this kind of thing. i'm not going to judge the guy by his car... good luck to you.


fly away home

1957 tbird

i've been checking out some of the odd and random shows lately. looking for some different cars to shoot, new people to meet. well, this one was really disappointing as far as shows go, but not as far as the few cars that showed up.

the flyer mentioned that you should r.s.v.p., as there was limited space. well, smooth move sherlock, i can't think of a better way to get people not to show up. marketing genius.

i'd just gotten a new macro lens to replace the one that had broken...so sad. anyone interested in an awesome minolta "secret handshake" macro lens, that doesn't focus anymore? needed to test it out, in case it needed to be returned. being late in the day, i could only think of this particular show still running by the time i could get there.

well, despite being only half-way through the advertised show time, there were a grand total of four cars that i would consider being in the lot for the show, two of which were just selling stuff or otherwise just silly and shouldn't ever be seen in public...so embarassing. oh wait, a tricked out golf cart in front of an indoor golf facility, i guess could be interesting to some.

there were only three when i first pulled up across the street, then this baby drove in. saves the day even better than that stingray next to it. thank you so much!

street art?

2007 chevy corvette

not my typical car, but going on my typical rant.

why do they do this? why take a perfectly fine car and slap silly stickers all over it and plop a whale tail on it? why whore out a car? or would you call it pimped? maintenance? advertising? i could go into stereotypes, but i'm going to behave.

just looks damn silly to me. i came thisclose to getting a corvette back in the 80s, when they switched over from the sexy, sweet classic corvette lines to this new shape and electronic innards. obviously, didn't buy the corvette i'd always thought i'd get, because it wasn't classic, but i still hate to see these rolling billboards of any type.

ok, given this one was probably purposely brought here by one of these sponsors to what, sell their product? use my stuff and your car can look like this? this type of advertising must work or they wouldn't keep doing it. frickin eyesore. this should be caged in on one of the racetracks, where this type of graffiti is expected.

can you tell i'm still in my post holiday mood? i think i'll stick with your classic cars, thanks.