what's up?

street art?

2007 chevy corvette

not my typical car, but going on my typical rant.

why do they do this? why take a perfectly fine car and slap silly stickers all over it and plop a whale tail on it? why whore out a car? or would you call it pimped? maintenance? advertising? i could go into stereotypes, but i'm going to behave.

just looks damn silly to me. i came thisclose to getting a corvette back in the 80s, when they switched over from the sexy, sweet classic corvette lines to this new shape and electronic innards. obviously, didn't buy the corvette i'd always thought i'd get, because it wasn't classic, but i still hate to see these rolling billboards of any type.

ok, given this one was probably purposely brought here by one of these sponsors to what, sell their product? use my stuff and your car can look like this? this type of advertising must work or they wouldn't keep doing it. frickin eyesore. this should be caged in on one of the racetracks, where this type of graffiti is expected.

can you tell i'm still in my post holiday mood? i think i'll stick with your classic cars, thanks.