what's up?

hot hot hot

1963 chevrolet corvette

yup, it's been warm lately. it's july after all, but it's not as hot as it should be. i expect the fall will be stiflingly warm to make up for the mild summer here.

another from the show in the anaheim promenade. between the tall buildings, the sun did not hit too badly or completely. of the few pictures i took, only one car wasn't half shade/half sun...but it's not this one.

i have a residual kid lust for corvettes. i always wanted one, as i think many kids did. and as i mentioned before, when i had the chance to get one (albeit a late '80s model), i passed on it...didn't think i could afford the insurance and gas at the time.

but i like this one. i would have it. alas, i can only have it here, in my digital collection. i'll park it right here, at the top for now. ain't it pretty? come on prince, sing it...