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lifestyle cars are all extraordinary. i think its a requirement. meticulous, fantasmic airbrush, pinstriping and details. candy colors and multiple layers of clear coat paint. 

they're also usually surrounded by admirers, and i can't get a clean shot edgewise, so i mostly have to pass them by. unfortunate.

caught this one from the back, where one can often find some pretty spectacular airbrush portraits. ok, this one is more fantasy-like. dream on, big boy.


1954 chevy bel air

we used to frequent the other candy store uptown. they had a thing where everytime you bought candy, they'd add credit or punch a card, and once you'd collected X number of credits, you'd get some free stuff. so when my better half's niece and nephews came to visit, off we'd go to the candy store.

well, when we had saved enough credits and went to claim our free stuff, the owner said something to the effect of, "oh, we decided to end that program." like last week. no warning. no consolation prize.

so effectively, they lost a good customer, and we haven't been in there since. we've been to this one once in a while, since we've cut back a bit on the candy intake, and those kids have grown up a bit and don't visit as often. little farther to walk down the street, but they're more friendly here, and convenient to the movie theatre, if you like to BYOC.


i took a long walk today. not feeling too good now. i spent the evening trying to decide what to post. running out of room on the computer, so started by looking at 2011 pics. i had a couple of hundred images i'd marked as favs to work on then. but there just wasn't one screaming to be seen today. same for 2012.

thinking i'll be pulling the 2011s off to backup drives pretty quick to free up 450GB of space for that year alone. it was a good year, is all i can say.

so back to 2013. i've already tagged over 400 images for consideration. then i whittled that down to 21 for today. then i had to ask my better half to help me decide from six that were standing out the most.

he liked this one best. probably because the colors popped. and they match the candy store...they might have parked there on purpose.

i've seen it a few times recently, at other shows. i considered another picture of it, but i'll save it for another time.

i like the minimal pinstriping on the front by the headlights, and on that air cooler thing.

and standing behind it was this guy, who must be friends with the owner. he remembered who i was, and said he'd seen me at one of the shows where this one was at a couple of weeks earlier. last time i saw him, he was at ruby's and said he was still working on his car. all it takes is money and time. and i'll be waiting to take another picture of it when it's done.

1954 chevy air cooler

walk this way...

lifestyle candy

the continuing saga at work of too much overtime, and not enough sleep. today, i'd intended to go to the broiler. left work a half hour later than normal—told them i just was done for the day, i am fried—and headed out.

what a difference thirty minutes makes in the traffic. i was screwed, mainly because someone had decided to occupy the same lane as another car on the freeway in santa ana, so went surface streets. normally it takes about forty-five minutes to get home; took two hours, and after sitting all day, followed by a long ride home, i just couldn't bear to drag my butt to the show. telling myself i'll go to ruby's on friday. most of the work will be done by then, so shouldn't be a problem leaving on time toward the end of the week. and the tradeshow will be over by mid next week, so i can get back to posting more regularly too.


here's a beauty from the SFV show. there was a plethora (a plethora?) of cars, and many clubs were represented. i've loved these candy colored lifestyle club low riders since i first saw a bunch at the uptown whittier show a couple of years ago. hoping they'll show up again next month.

they had a bunch of their cars parked under the shade of the solar panels. kinda mutes the colors, but not by much. saa-weeeet. and i'm an id...forgot to note what kind of car this is...lincoln? chevy? buick? whatever.

only got a few other cars—which i'll get to eventually—because of the heat, but i hella wish i'd stayed and got so many more. next time...


sweet dreams

1955 chevy bel air nomad

so i went to the broiler the other night. end of january. temps in the upper 70s. weirdest weather i can remember.

anyway, lots of cars were already in the lot by the time i arrived. these pretty little things were all spit shined for an official photo shoot for a magazine i can't remember the name of, but i'm sure you'd all recognize it. quite the production, with a large team of people setting up fancy lighting and lots of cameras.

got this one fairly early on, though i was intercepted when i first arrived by someone interested in pictures of their own car. he's a regular. already had posted his car, and tried to show it to him on my phone, but the signal wasn't that great. had to go fetch my ipad out of the car, and finally found it to show to him. dude, if you're reading this, i sent you an email. waiting for a reply...but i digress...

story i heard from the owner of this lovely nomad was that it was the third time his car had been featured as a work in progress, only this time, the car had just been completed. hot spanking new paint job. perhaps it was really featuring the paint shop, as three of these cars were completely awesome and similarly pinstriped and metal flaked up in lollypop colors.

anyway, i got my shots in between their set ups and all the people milling around. only i didn't use a flash or their lights. i'll look for the magazine, but i'm perfectly happy with my pictures, even if they aren't perfect.