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lifestyle cars are all extraordinary. i think its a requirement. meticulous, fantasmic airbrush, pinstriping and details. candy colors and multiple layers of clear coat paint. 

they're also usually surrounded by admirers, and i can't get a clean shot edgewise, so i mostly have to pass them by. unfortunate.

caught this one from the back, where one can often find some pretty spectacular airbrush portraits. ok, this one is more fantasy-like. dream on, big boy.

more candy

chevy impala

a lifestyle car is most always a delight to the eyes. pinstripes, airbrush, candy colors seem to be their modus operandi. i walked past this one earlier. thought i'd seen it before and/or the light just wasn't hitting it right and/or it was surrounded by people.

on the last walk around this field, walking past from this direction, i had a change of heart and took this shot. i can appreciate a good paint job. and hey, look, no one paying it any attention. perfecto.

just realizing that it was the same car i saw last summer at the san fernando show. but not that surprising. nice to see it out in the open, and not crammed in with a bunch of other cars.

little mermaid

1958 chevy impala

i was just reviewing some of my older photos, looking for something i might have been keeping for a later point and forgot about. i think this one qualifies.

i posted the front end a couple of years ago, then forgot about it. it happens. i have a lot of pictures, as occasionally someone will comment on whether i have enough yet. well, no. i may be close to filling my hard drive up, but can you really ever have enough? i'm still learning and having fun with your cars and my camera.

this was from 2010, when the whittier uptown was still a decent show, overflowing in excellence of all types of cars, low riders included. while some of the lifestyles cars showed up this year, this one wasn't one of them. the few that were there had their hoods up, and had a crowd around them each time i walked by. in fact, i only shot one of them, and i'm not all that thrilled with it.

this one, i found early in the day, and far enough up the street from the main intersection, that there were few people in the way. though i did go back for more later in the day, and ya, more people.

the car is impressive. the paint finish is luminous on these candy cars, almost like you're staring into a pool of water, and you may fall in. interesting airbrushing and pinstriping on many of them, in interesting locations on the cars. liked the mermaid on the back end of this—wonder if its a portrait or just the typical fantasy girl guys wish they had.

walk this way...

lifestyle candy

the continuing saga at work of too much overtime, and not enough sleep. today, i'd intended to go to the broiler. left work a half hour later than normal—told them i just was done for the day, i am fried—and headed out.

what a difference thirty minutes makes in the traffic. i was screwed, mainly because someone had decided to occupy the same lane as another car on the freeway in santa ana, so went surface streets. normally it takes about forty-five minutes to get home; took two hours, and after sitting all day, followed by a long ride home, i just couldn't bear to drag my butt to the show. telling myself i'll go to ruby's on friday. most of the work will be done by then, so shouldn't be a problem leaving on time toward the end of the week. and the tradeshow will be over by mid next week, so i can get back to posting more regularly too.


here's a beauty from the SFV show. there was a plethora (a plethora?) of cars, and many clubs were represented. i've loved these candy colored lifestyle club low riders since i first saw a bunch at the uptown whittier show a couple of years ago. hoping they'll show up again next month.

they had a bunch of their cars parked under the shade of the solar panels. kinda mutes the colors, but not by much. saa-weeeet. and i'm an id...forgot to note what kind of car this is...lincoln? chevy? buick? whatever.

only got a few other cars—which i'll get to eventually—because of the heat, but i hella wish i'd stayed and got so many more. next time...


found nemo

1949 chevy truck

so i'm getting over my cold. they've let me back in the house, but i'm staying away from my mother-in-law — not because of the stereotypical reasons; she's wonderful, but doesn't want to catch anything respiratory at her age. missed the ruby's show; was supposed to take a picture of someone's car, and didn't have any way of letting them know i wasn't going to make it besides not showing up. now there's only one left for this year. tried to get my better half to go take shots for me, but he ended up working late. hoping to hit up a car show tomorrow or the one in foothill ranch on monday, if it doesn't rain as promised.


another member of lifestyle car club, this 1949 chevy truck was found at the whittier uptown car show back in august.

i think these guys do their own painting and pinstriping; one of the guys (the owner?) was touching up the pinstripes on this when i went by it later in the afternoon. devil in the details? nope, just little roses, down by the wheels.

sweet, swirly and fun, the curves of the car and the color theme just make me think of clown fish, but in a bad ass kind a way.

i want candy

1958 chevy impala first up from this past weekend's whittier uptown show. i hope everyone got a chance to see the group of cars from the lifestyle club. they were parked up at philadelphia and bright. incredible candylicious colors, pinstriping and airbrushing. nothing like them in the whole show. just wow. this impala was simply stunning. i'll have to post the back of it sometime. apart from it's continuous curves, there's a mermaid airbrushed on the tire cover.

another thing i noticed that made me laugh, and one i just don't understand: i'm off with my tripod doing my thing early; there's another guy with a tripod, taking his pictures. i remember seeing him last year. i'm not really following him, i've just finished walking up and down the streets seeing what's there, and getting started actually shooting. just so happens i'm going in the same direction as he is, from car to car. i'm not taking everything, i'm getting pickier lately.

anyway, i notice i'm shooting the car next to the one he's shooting a few times. seriously, i'm not stalking him, i'm in my own world, but i notice as we get to an intersection, he turns to the right and practically runs. i decide to go the other way. i was at the show off and on for about 5 or 6 hours, and i never did see the guy again the whole day. am i really that threatening? a girl? my gear? what?

which brings to mind a comment someone made to me the other day, about competition. another photographer at a show, peddling his wares. "here comes your competition." did not realize i was competing with anyone. i assume other photographers are doing the same thing i am, practicing photography. but i don't think they do it for the exercise, sheer enjoyment of the cars, of taking the pictures, or making something beautiful.

i don't try and force anyone to buy a print from me, but when they do, well, bingo, it keeps this website going another month. i assume people will buy what they like, and/or if you like something here, make a comment, let me know...don't be the silent majority.

hey, if you don't like my pictures, then thanks for stopping by, and be on your way.