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night moves

1952 chevy bel air

1952 chevy bel air

back in whittier for a day or two.

walked uptown for dinner, saw the mayor at the cigar bar. chatted for a few minutes. had intended to take a picture of an old chevy that was parked there twenty minutes before when i drove past, but he had already left by the time i parked and walked back up the street.

i’ll take one of the mayor’s fifty-six on the way back if it’s still there—it’s on the other side of the street.

it’s getting tiring living out of a suitcase, but responsibility and all… mom is now in possession of one of those “i’ve fallen and can’t get up” devices, so i’m a little less worried being away for the night. but she hears every creak in the house when she’s by herself.

nothing much has changed here in whittier at the house. better half wants to get out for a few hours of freedom, but his mom has changed his plans, as only she can, so maybe tomorrow, maybe tomorrow.

night shot from one of the few toy drives i got out to in december. beautiful car, difficult lighting. had to shoot it a lot, as cars and people kept messing things up on the long exposure. this will just have to do.

still around

1955 chevy truck

1955 chevy truck

went out to the just memories/kustom classics toy drive last night in bellflower. i’m a bit rusty, as i haven’t been out as much. 

got there about four-thirty, before the official start time. really just some of the club cars there, and mostly the hopper types. shrugged and just went with it, since i was there. 

figured i try to remember how to do night shots like i used to when i’d go to the broiler. have you noticed how fast the sun takes a dive this time of year? just blink and it’s dark early, too. 

no one really bothered me, while i skuttled around trying to stay out of the way, as more cars did show up eventually. the lot got pretty full by the time i left three hours later. 

i did run into one friendly face, who did chat for a bit. apparently he had heard i’d been in a bad accident, hit by a car or something. first i’d heard of it. wasn’t me, obviously, as i was there chatting with him, but fun story anyway. i was expecting to start hearing stuff, since i don’t go out much—family obligations get priority—can only juggle so much.

this was the last shot of the night. i’d done one more look around, and saw this one sitting in front of carl’s. i’d shot it from the other side, as there were a couple of guys sitting where i’d set my tripod on the other side, but then the owner, i presume, said he liked it better from the other side. i saw that it had the spare tire on it, so i agreed. told him there were dudes there and didn’t want to bother them, whereupon, he got them to move.

it turned out ok, in spite of people that did walk through my long exposures.

to the wordsmith that felt the need to send me the email “ur dumb” with the three word message: “this website sucks,”… i applaud your economy of words; precise and to the point, yet lacking in any real constructive criticism. be still my heart. what shall i do?

no one is keeping you here. perhaps you should stick to the instagram page—no reading necessary.

and then i got on with my life…

no show?

i had such a busy day at work. barely left my chair. i was so looking forward to getting out to a show. was that or stay and work some overtime.

i left on time, and will probably have to work late tomorrow.

headed over to the advertised impalas show. slightly early, so i went inside and had dinner. killed some time. about 5:30, i'm done. outside, nothing. so go to the broiler or just head home? i'm tired. i head home. 

an old truck pulled in as i was leaving...

so, maybe they showed up later. it was a work day after all. but i was disappointed anyway.


here's a beauty from last year. used to go to the show at spires, err, not spires...perris? i don't remember. the show got smaller and smaller each time, so i pretty much skip it now. but there were some nice cars there at times.


ok, i'm done sitting for the day. time for bed.

man, i'm baked

1939 chevy coupe

not what you thought—pull your head out. i mean, it was really, really hot yesterday at this fundraiser. why, oh why do a show on a sunday on a day over 100 degrees, on a blacktop, er, in this case, pavement?? really limits the crowd and any pictures to be taken.

have to be selective, because i already know my interest is going to decrease relative to the temperature. though there was some shady spots to retreat to, eventually, i'm not gonna keep going.

judging by other people's pictures on the net, jae bueno was there, as was howard gribble. sorry for not recognizing you guys and saying hi there. though now, after the fact, i have some guesses which faces in the crowd you might be. you got some great shots, way more than i took.

there were only a few old cars which i like there, and maybe twice as many of the low rider jumpers. still too many of both types with hoods open or just angled weird, so i skipped a lot of them. and a few that were just too flashy, as to make me giggle. but that's just me...whatever floats your boat.

both me and my better half zeroed in on this one right away. he took a bunch of shots first, while i took a walk around the rest of the cars. got back to this one last, and this is the only shot i took. i was soaked with a coating of slimy sun block and sweat, and just felt gross by then. aparently, the sun block wasn't cutting it so well, and my better half said i was starting to "get some color." just temporary, as today, nothin. never was worth my time to try and get a tan, thanks to my parents; oh but you should see my son...who used to tell me he was "dark white" when he was three years old.