what's up?

no show?

i had such a busy day at work. barely left my chair. i was so looking forward to getting out to a show. was that or stay and work some overtime.

i left on time, and will probably have to work late tomorrow.

headed over to the advertised impalas show. slightly early, so i went inside and had dinner. killed some time. about 5:30, i'm done. outside, nothing. so go to the broiler or just head home? i'm tired. i head home. 

an old truck pulled in as i was leaving...

so, maybe they showed up later. it was a work day after all. but i was disappointed anyway.


here's a beauty from last year. used to go to the show at spires, err, not spires...perris? i don't remember. the show got smaller and smaller each time, so i pretty much skip it now. but there were some nice cars there at times.


ok, i'm done sitting for the day. time for bed.