what's up?

i harley know you

mostly i'm just randomly jotting down whatever bizzarity is whizzing through my mind at whatever time i'm sitting here typing. i suppose you could call it a journal. records of how my day went, the weather, how much i enjoy sitting in traffic, crap like that.

sometimes there's a story that's been bouncing around for days, other times, i'm simply too tired to say much at all. maybe i'll just say nothing, since mostly it's the pictures people want to see. i wonder if anyone actually reads this drivel. i happen to know a few actually do, because they will walk up and tell me how much they enjoy reading it. and they are the guys i run into quite often, and with whom i have a hi, how are you doing, here's a hug thing going on.

ask my better half, that wouldn't have been happening before i started taking pictures and posting them. i guess it's a good thing that i get out and mingle. but here it is, the late middle of the month, and i only have one car show and a day at the airport's worth of pics for the year. not for lack of trying, but summer weather in january, while the rest of the country is freezing through the global warming, makes it hard not to want to get out there and find something.

going to go see what's out at pomona tomorrow early, unless the air quality from the fire is too bad. better half can't handle it, makes it hard for him to breathe. then maybe off to shoot some flowers. why not?

anyone out there? anyone like the pictures bigger? anyone hate how flickr makes them take forever to upload just to have the ability to flip through pictures from here? bastards. i'll have to strip out the coding one of these days.


i liked the detail on these bikes. i've seen them around a few times now. the airbrushing is well done, and not over-done, if you know what i mean. sometimes you just have to know when to stop.

by kathy