what's up?

here's looking at you, kid

i did manage to go to the pomona swap meet today. never been there for that, though it has been recommended by a couple of flickr contacts. didn't realize there would be so many cars. i got there relatively late, so i suppose there had been more. next time, i would go way earlier, before the sun and the heat got unbearable.

there was a large lot of what seemed to be just cars for sale, and way too many of them vw bugs. then over by the grandstands, a fenced off area with more cars there just to show. that's where i wanted to be.

got a lot of pictures of cars before everyone started bugging out an hour before it offically closed. 

saw this chevy, and set up to shoot a picture. realized there were kids inside, and tried to take the shot down low, so they wouldn't be in it. apparently, the kid in the back seat wanted to be in a picture, and yelled out to take his picture. but then, when i set up to shoot him in it, he sort of pulled back and hid. if you look closely, there's a couple of other kids hiding in there as well.

anyway, i handed him one of my cards. he said he'd call. pretty smooth. keep practicing that line. maybe it will do you good in about ten years. next time you ask for a picture, be in the picture. dude, ask your dad what the year and model the car is...tell him the idiot photographer doesn't always know the year and model.