what's up?

man, i'm baked

1939 chevy coupe

not what you thought—pull your head out. i mean, it was really, really hot yesterday at this fundraiser. why, oh why do a show on a sunday on a day over 100 degrees, on a blacktop, er, in this case, pavement?? really limits the crowd and any pictures to be taken.

have to be selective, because i already know my interest is going to decrease relative to the temperature. though there was some shady spots to retreat to, eventually, i'm not gonna keep going.

judging by other people's pictures on the net, jae bueno was there, as was howard gribble. sorry for not recognizing you guys and saying hi there. though now, after the fact, i have some guesses which faces in the crowd you might be. you got some great shots, way more than i took.

there were only a few old cars which i like there, and maybe twice as many of the low rider jumpers. still too many of both types with hoods open or just angled weird, so i skipped a lot of them. and a few that were just too flashy, as to make me giggle. but that's just me...whatever floats your boat.

both me and my better half zeroed in on this one right away. he took a bunch of shots first, while i took a walk around the rest of the cars. got back to this one last, and this is the only shot i took. i was soaked with a coating of slimy sun block and sweat, and just felt gross by then. aparently, the sun block wasn't cutting it so well, and my better half said i was starting to "get some color." just temporary, as today, nothin. never was worth my time to try and get a tan, thanks to my parents; oh but you should see my son...who used to tell me he was "dark white" when he was three years old.