what's up?

move, please

1953 chevy pickup

been seeing a new car club over at the broiler the last few times. they have a few nice cars that i'd like to shoot. but the thing is, usually, one of their cars parks in front of their other cars, which are parked in the spaces and then the group of big guys (literally) stands around in front of the cars, or near the doors, of the ones i'd like to shoot, and glare at everyone. my better half says that's my thing, glaring at everyone, and they stay away. i suppose i could ask them to move, but usually i just wait people out if they don't clue in on the girl with the camera, or else wait until some other opportunity.

well, last wednesday, they were doing the usual, and i passed by several times. finally, when i was done for the evening, and heading over to the wall to pack my gear, i noticed that the pod had shifted slightly to the left of this car. so i squeezed in between the pod and the car parked in front of them and got this shot. not the best, but i got it.