what's up?

spring has sprung, fall has fell...

1939 chevy master deluxe

1939 chevy master deluxe

…now it’s summer, it’s hotter than h-e-double toothpicks, as my better half would say.

where have my gloomy, cool days gone? just last week it was in the sixties and sprinkly. this week has legit hit the nineties. eff that. hate summer. i should just become a hermit, and stay in a darkened air-conditioned room until winter.

but then i’d miss all the car shows. so i will again have to play the game of rolling out of bed far too early to catch cars before the sun makes it unbearable, or evening shows, which late summer makes no difference.

doctor always says to lose weight. maybe if i drop some of this blubber, it wouldn’t be so bad. and if i drop the medicine that helps keep it right where it is. youth is wasted on the young, truly.

did not go anywhere this weekend. worked late friday, so had to stay down at my mom’s. she hates when i leave. got home late afternoon on saturday and made guacamole again.

currently waiting for a big pan of homemade lasagna to finish melting the cheese so i can satisfy this craving.

chicano park1-636And9morehdr.jpg

master deluxe i saw down in san diego, waiting to get in chicano park. had a little black mini car hanging off the back of it.


1947 chevy fleetmaster

another from the oldies san fernando show last summer. early on, there just weren't as many cars as compared to previous years. that allowed me to get out and shoot without a lot of people or even other cars getting in the way.

these just look like they randomly parked on the field, but the pop up tent ruins that thought, as it ruins the picture. i really hate pop up tents. but i love the cars, so i'll selectively not see it there in the background. fuckin’ tents.


1936 oldsmobile

ugh. perfect weekend overcast, lots of car shows running today, and here i sit, coughing up a lung. oh well.

better half took his mom out to downtown disney. don't have passes anymore, but it has been a long time for a disney fan to be away, and she wanted to go shopping. probably better to keep her away from me. lol.

i'm hungry, so i'll probably put on a jacket and zombie walk uptown to find something to eat. don't feel like calling dominos or cooking whatever might be in the fridge or pantry.

feels better to sit up rather than lay down, so i'll probably type up notes from my classes or work on some more pictures. take a wild guess what i'll probably do...killing time until game of thrones is on...

this pic has been sitting here for a while, so i'll just post it now, then get back to the whittier car show shots.

chicano park show, barrio logan. should they just call it the pachuco car club show? the last few years, they seem to line up all of their cars down this side of the street. it's their hood. they can.

chicano park

busy weekend, but fun. tired now, so i'll be brief.

even better, my better half got to go with me. his sister got out of the hospital, and she was well enough to take care of their mom.


we got to the park around five-thirty in the morning. there were already cars lined up in staging to go into the park. so we decided to go over by the stage thing and unpack our cameras on the steps. within a minute of unzipping the camera bags, we were approached by an older woman who wanted to know who we were with, what were we doing...etc. we simply said we were just unpacking our cameras to take some pictures. she said the whole park is reserved for an event, they were setting up and that we had to leave. we replied that we were here for said event, and repeated we were just unpacking. she persisted, so whatever, we'll move somewhere else and unpack and do exactly what we planned anyway...to go back over to where they were staging the cars.

honestly, there wasn't anything or anyone there on that piece of the park, and we weren't intending to get in the way even if there had been. going to bite my tongue here, because i like the show, and want to go back again next year, but get a grip. even the cop in the car in a neaby parking lot wasn't going to bother us. hope she had a nice day. 


took so many pictures. the weather turned out to be perfect, overcast with bouts of sunshine. never really needed a jacket, even so early in the morning. i liked this picture because it seemed to represent the show and location well.


and as we left the show for the day, i was waiting to cross the street, when my better half started laughing. i turned around and he pointed at this painting. and OMG, it was the lady who had told us to leave in the first place. took some searching, but i've figured out who she is, and why she had the authority to ask us to leave. we still found it funny that we started the day with her and here she was again, on our way out...

a day at the park

chevy special deluxe

the doctor may get mad, but i spent saturday morning hobbling around the show down in san diego at chicano park. yes, my better half helped me a lot, mostly pulling my camera bag around, but it also had a bunch of the lenses for his camera in it, so he helped both of us.

the park is literally under the bridge overpass to coronado island, and the supports are all painted with graffiti art like this one here.


didn't know what to expect, except for pictures from previous years' shows on flickr. we got there early, like 7am-ish, before it got crowded and hot. next time, we'll probably get there even earlier, maybe even stopping the evening before. guys were saying to get the best spots, they had to be there the night before and camp out.

anyway, as i was saying, at 7 am, they're already bringing in the cars and vendors. first one that caught our eye was a wonderful truck, which promptly stalled in the grass. it started up after about five minutes, but my better half was about to go over and offer to help push it.

later heard the owner say it was the carbuerator. bummer. i'll wait a few days to post it, since i've put a few trucks up here recently, but it really was an amazing truck. just don't think my pics do it justice. i think i should have waited a bit, for the light, for the owner to move his wax bottles out of the way, but he did close the hood for a little bit. better half did get some good shots of the engine compartment though, that show the pinstriping and awesomeness inside.

i'll post this one, from the same club. later in the day, light had shifted, but parked under the shade of a tree, it's still nice. and earlier, i hadn't noticed the car was actually purple. wish the entry signs weren't so huge on the windows, but i'll shoot them the way they are and pretend i don't see that huge sign on there.