what's up?

better leather

harley davidson heritage softail

ahem. let's get to last week's whirlwind through the whittier uptown carshow. i've got several to prepare for those few people who asked me to post pictures of their cars.

as i mentioned before, i only had six hours out there, and i still didn't get around to everything. had to get to the train station, and i've been gone most of the week.

it seemed mostly organized this year, though i don't remember checking what time they started rolling the cars in from staging. i was busy, going from flower to flower to flower...i mean car to car to car, trying to shoot as many as i could in my short amount of time.

was out there at five-thirtyish a.m. where were you?

found this motorcycle down in the rick's parking lot, the owner nearby keeping an eye on his bike. he offered to move it, nah, i'd find it later for other shots. this is how i found it, so leave it be.

there was so much detail on this bike, that it seems to be less about the harley itself—which is pretty nice, shiny and pinstriped—and more about the leather.

everything decorated in an aztec theme, with the usual characters and patterns you'd expect. skillfully done and fitted, i asked the owner about it. 

he said he'd save himself a buttload (he didn't exactly use that word, my edit) of cash by taking it down to mexico himself versus paying a guy here, to basically do the same thing.

he had to point out that there was a little felix the cat medal/figure on the side. probably thought i'd appreciate that since i was wearing my felix the cat chevrolet shirt. if he hadn't mentioned it, i wouldn't have noticed it, it was low, on the side next to the wall, and there was so much other detail to look at.

anyway, really nice work here.

a day at the park

chevy special deluxe

the doctor may get mad, but i spent saturday morning hobbling around the show down in san diego at chicano park. yes, my better half helped me a lot, mostly pulling my camera bag around, but it also had a bunch of the lenses for his camera in it, so he helped both of us.

the park is literally under the bridge overpass to coronado island, and the supports are all painted with graffiti art like this one here.


didn't know what to expect, except for pictures from previous years' shows on flickr. we got there early, like 7am-ish, before it got crowded and hot. next time, we'll probably get there even earlier, maybe even stopping the evening before. guys were saying to get the best spots, they had to be there the night before and camp out.

anyway, as i was saying, at 7 am, they're already bringing in the cars and vendors. first one that caught our eye was a wonderful truck, which promptly stalled in the grass. it started up after about five minutes, but my better half was about to go over and offer to help push it.

later heard the owner say it was the carbuerator. bummer. i'll wait a few days to post it, since i've put a few trucks up here recently, but it really was an amazing truck. just don't think my pics do it justice. i think i should have waited a bit, for the light, for the owner to move his wax bottles out of the way, but he did close the hood for a little bit. better half did get some good shots of the engine compartment though, that show the pinstriping and awesomeness inside.

i'll post this one, from the same club. later in the day, light had shifted, but parked under the shade of a tree, it's still nice. and earlier, i hadn't noticed the car was actually purple. wish the entry signs weren't so huge on the windows, but i'll shoot them the way they are and pretend i don't see that huge sign on there.