what's up?


this is from last week's show in norco. almost as soon as i walked into the show area of the lot, i heard, "kathy!" for all i know, they're calling to someone else, cuz they usually are, but not this time.

it was an old acquaintance, my buddy, gary. hadn't seen him at a show for a couple of years. and you know with old guys...you start to wonder...

last time i saw him, was at the riverside show-n-go. he'd had his chevy there the first night, but not the next day. his friends told me his starter had stopped. on the car, that is.

and then i didn't see the car or him there last year. really at any show in riverside last year.

but here he was in norco. with a new car. no wonder.

said he still has the chevy, but now has to decide which one to take out.

so of course, i had to take a picture of his new baby. so hey, gary. what's with the bright, bright colors on your cars?

and what the h...this is like my third or fouth post in a row with a turquisey color vehicle.