what's up?


ok, mustangs really aren't my thing. probably because my sister had a boyfriend with one back in the day. and i didn't like him much, but what does a kid know? 

i usually don't give them much more than a glance at shows, this one included.

i had walked past these and was happily shooting some old pos truck, covered with rust, when some guy walked up and asked if i had shot his car yet. i asked which one, and he pointed over at the 'stang, or should i say 'stangs. both of these are his.

told him i hadn't shot them, probably wouldn't because they just aren't my thing, aren't old enough.

he argued that i probably had seen this, and probably wouldn't very often. his point was that there is a fifty year difference between these two models, and they are both his. the story was that he'd bought the '65 when he got married in '65, and had bought this stinking new mustang this year for their golden anniversary.

it is a big, beefy model. i'm sure it purrs when he drives it. i had a rental mustang a couple of years ago, and i couldn't stand it, but maybe this is a little better.

so i took a few shots. not bothering to post the new model by itself, cuz, you can just go see one of those at any ford dealer today.

happy anniversary, btw. i forgot to tell the guy.