what's up?

pomp and circumstance

we went out to hillco's annual super cruise yesterday. good way to ignore the stupid bowl. and my deadlines.

got there early, shot a lot of cars before it got too crowded, left before noon. made someone happy with my parking space.

i think i made a full circuit at least three times. cars kept moving, more kept driving in.

saw this guy with a pompador at least eight inches or more high. happened to have my macro out and got this shot after he'd already passed by. i get it, and it was impressive, but do i really need to reiterate my thoughts correlating size and compensation? no.

found this chevy in between the buildings. love the backdrop of the building exterior and brickwork. happy that no one walked through the shot.

actually, people were being polite, and either going around or waiting for me to finish whatever i was doing. nice.

it was a good day.