what's up?

on new year’s day

we got up way early this morning and found ourselves sitting in the mile-long line of cars at the dam by five-fifteen. i don't think anyone really realized the gate didn't open until seven...wasn't really mentioned on the flyer. 

we had a good chat. froze our butts off, ran the car once or twice to warm it up a bit. watched the group of guys ahead of us—club shall remain nameless, but you know who you are—stood around talking, watching their kids run around, toss their coffee cups in the ivy, run across the street and piss in the bushes one, by one.

finally the line started to move after seven. i stopped for a red light, and the goober behind us swooped around and got in front, followed by some other car. i'm in no hurry, and they didn't get much farther ahead, so congrats on that buttwad.

found parking in the same place as last year, and got going.

went through each lot, picking out what we liked. better half used his wagon to plant his tripod and camera on, to run some video.

i think we stayed until two-thirty, and only left cuz our feet hurt, and my better half seems to be starting a cold.

talked to a few people, and promised to post pictures of their cars. so here's the first one. if you happen to own this car, it's a beauty. and you can buy a print here.