what's up?

beginning of the end

shot this very early at bo huff. out in the line up, waiting to get in. don't think i've seen a master deluxe this green before. and somehow it just seems like the wrong color for the model. just used to seeing them in blacks and browns, i suppose. still is pretty nice, otherwise.

last post of the year. only a couple hundred more, and there will be one thousand posts here. i can probably to that easy this year. i could do that easy, without hitting another show, if i wanted. but what fun is that? my next favorite picture is the one i haven't shot yet, so i'll keep shooting, as long as you keep bringing the cars out to show.

going to the majestics' show tomorrow. better half is coming with me, gonna pull his little red wagon behind him this time. maybe take some rolling movies. glad he can find a way to entertain himself, while i go off and do my own thing. sometimes he just likes to watch...