what's up?


got off my butt for a little while this past weekend, and headed over to the latin gents show. i was tired and it was somewhat hot, but i did it anyway. was heading to the oc to see my mom and pick up some mail, so why not?

lots of cars, though i arrived a couple hours after it started. talked to several people that i'm familiar with, and haven't seen in a while.

i know ernie and his wife will be looking for pics of his new ride...just haven't gotten around to it, and deciding which one is best.

after shooting a few viejitos cars that were there (their annual show coming up in a week and a half), i came back around and saw a few cycles sitting near the dj booth. this one looked familiar, and after checking out the plaque on the back, knew exactly where i'd seen it before...at last year's annual viejitos show.

as i was done and packing up, the owner came over and said hello. he remembered me from last year, and sheepishly admitted he'd lost my card. mmm hmmm. handed him another. he said he'd be at the show again this year, but first was going to the torres empire show. i've never been, and he said a little bit of everything shows up and i should really check it out. maybe, but i doubt i will. too many people.