what's up?

xmas is over

xmas is officially over at the house. spent all day taking down the tree, finally. my better half would be perfectly happy with leaving it out year round, as he did when he had his own place, but his mom has a thing about getting it put away. she's been sick with the flu since about xmas, and just didn't have the energy to get after us to take it down until now.

while no where as near as difficult as putting the crap on the tree, disentangling about a hundred strings of lights from the branches is just as painful, with the fake little needles stabbing at your hands, and the wire in the branches tearing at the flesh. then packing each string into zip lock bags to keep them from tangling up for next year, and sorting the ornaments and other decorations into bins. still need to finish tomorrow and throw it all in the garage.

but first thing tomorrow, heading down to hillco's super cruise, which they seem to have had every super sunday for more than a decade. i got there late last year, but was told there were several hundred cars at one point. that pesky foozball game clears them out pretty quick.

i remember it being much warmer last year, and i have very few photos for the hour or so i was there. i know there were some wonderful duke's cars there, but there were also these works in progress, as well as many just rusted buckets of metal.

supposed to start at 9am., planning to be there earlier. hoping i don't freeze and they let me wander around while everyone is getting situated. will be interesting to see what turns up.