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no show

1957 dodge sierra spectator

so the year is going out in a whimper. drove over to the viejitos show this afternoon. a block away were some of those look at me, look at me, small package guys with their new big ass trucks, with doors that open upward, hoods that flip up and all their blingy stupidness.

drove past. they were in the lot i usually park in. thought maybe they might be overflow from the show. but no, where the nice cars were supposed to be, nothin. well, there was one viejito, seemingly just arrived, climbing out of his nice old truck. perhaps he was as mystified as we were as to where everyone was. we kept going, but probably should have stopped and shot his truck just for the heck of it. i suppose it was cancelled for the holidays, and the weather...cold and windy. didn't think/realize it was supposed to rain.

we weren't far from disneyland, so stopped there to pick up some of the sourdough bread for my mother-in-law. wasn't as crowded as you'd have thought, but busy enough we weren't going to stand in the soup line. fortunately, they have a cart outside, that they were just opening for the day, and got some there.

the skies were looking increasingly gray, so we decided to skip eating there, and headed for the little sandwich shop hiding in the hotel there. no long line in there. as we sat down to eat, it started pouring rain outside.

by the time we finished, it had mostly stopped, and we headed directly to the car. sprinkled a little on the way home.

so it sucked that there was no show, but my better half reminded me that i didn't really have space for more pics anyway. but i would have shot them anyway.


i haven't decided yet whether to drive in to work tomorrow, or work from home, now that i've been enabled to do so, thanks to the IT department. pretty sure i'd be one of the few in the office, as i was last week. it was nice and quiet, even with the few other die hards working in offices elsewhere sending me work. i can think of only one person who might send me something to work on, and after that, there'd be no one to approve it, so really, wondering what to do.

probably the clincher will be the weather. if its raining, i'd be less inclined to drive in, and then fight the traffic coming home.


found this car at one of the summer shows out at enderle. i'd never seen one before, so of course i had to shoot it. interesting tail lights, i think.


oh ya, for christmas, i gave a few people a small book of hood ornaments i've shot over the last couple of years. a few have asked for copies for their friends. if you're interested, i've put it up for sale here, or you can preview a few pages from it anyway. no words, and i kept it simple. thought i'd let the images do their own talking. there's a small book of flowers, if that's your thang as well.