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one more

1963 buick

i'm trying to work from home today. so far, it's great...nothing to do, and no one responding to my emails. everyone here is asleep, and in spite of working at a desk near the visiting college kids, i think i could march around like daffy duck banging trash can lids and stuff around the guy trying to get some sleep in a hotel, and they wouldn't hear it.

anyway, this picture was ready last night, so just thought i'd put it up here quickly. last post of the year. will be my 526th car in my virtual garage here. that's what you get for persistence. and haunting car shows too often. thanks for letting me take pictures of your babies. we'll see how much longer i can afford to keep showing them to you here.

i liked the reflected clouds on the hood. and this shot kind of shows you how full the lot was this day. don't think i've ever seen it so full, but then, i hardly ever stop by this show, so what do i know?

don't drink and drive tonight...at least not in the nice cars...my pictures show all the dents.