what's up?

not much going on

1940 chevy

i stopped by the broiler this evening. albeit, it was early, there was not much more than the die hards there. could be the cold, or maybe people are still out of town. anyway, i didn't take my bag out of the car, and only walked around the lot to see if there was anything interesting, or a car in a different spot. no luck. being more picky until i get new hard drives.

i did chat for a bit with an acquaintance about hard drives, cameras and printing, until his other club buddies called him inside for dinner. decided not to bother staying to see what else might show up. i had to have dinner myself, and my better half was waiting for me at home. he worries sometimes. well, most of the time, when i'm out on my own.

found this car in the archives from 2010, a duke's show and shine car show. from the broiler, so i can pretend it was there tonight. parking lot was overflowing with awesome cars. only time i've seen this one and for all i know, it's been sold and repainted by now, but it did have a really interesting roof job. one of the first cars that i wished i had a ladder to shoot.