what's up?

no particular place to go

1936 cord

rainy day. sauce simmering in the kitchen for the homemade lasagna i'm having for dinner. had a craving. like mine better than the italian place down the street. house is smelling like a giant garlic onion festival. oh well. 

there are three college age kids visiting from the never never lands of middle california. sleep all day and stay up all night. they wanted to go to disneyland today, and asked my better half to take them there at seven a.m. this morning. they were still awake at two and three in the morning, but he woke them up promptly at seven, and they shuffled into the mach van. he said it was pouring on the way there, and they refused to carry umbrellas. though it stopped raining, they called around noon for a ride home, and all are currently passed out on the couches.

was hoping to go to the viejitos show tomorrow, if not the earlier one in santa ana. supposed to be cloudy, and that would make some awesome images. i'll keep my fingers crossed.

i'm already hungry. guess i'll go cut the cheese :) for the lasagna, i mean.